Hallowed Ground

It is a message when a robin crosses your path,

a call to your passion when the wolves howl.

What does it take to get your attention

when a squirrel drops a pine cone on your head?

It is a message when political upheaval is upon you;

a call to your intellect when babies cry.

Make friends with your squirrel brothers.

Where you stand is hallowed ground,

lies be lost and truth be found.


Shady hues of illusion’s news

must surely disappear,

as long as you and I and them

keep our relations clear.

When the stream of life goes flowing by

and seasons rearrange,

remember, be sure of one true fact –

everything must change.

The Earth is speaking, believe your eyes

and hear the sound She is making.

One Great Spirit loves and gives

and all we do is keep taking.

Hallowed ground, hallowed ground,

treat all life like hallowed ground.


elizabeth halloway


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