Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – a response to Dale re: prayer and free will

Club Schadenfreude

021-you-burnt-us-at-the-stake-650x402(10/20/2016 – I’ve had a lot of Christians follow recently and like this post, as well as other posts about how religion fails.  Not sure why this is, but I’m more than happy to see people approve and agree with my posts.)

I’ve encountered a new Christian apologist on a friend’s website.  I’ll first put up his post and give a little background.  Ark has asked Christians to explain a couple of things in their religion.  SailorDale has said he would do so, with some caveats.  I’m not sure if he will answer or not (and I’m assuming he is a he.)   We went off topic a little and I thought I’d post here to not take up time and space on another’s blog.  Now, for my readers who have been around for a while, this is more making of the pate de cheval and yep, you’ve see the discussion…

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