She won’t be quiet, good 4 her

“The senator has impugned the motives and conduct of our colleague from Alabama,” McConnell said from the Senate floor. “I call the senator to order under the provisions of Rule 19.” Here’s #2 of Rule 19 (XIX) of the Rules of the Senate: No Senator in debate shall, directly or indirectly, by any form of […] … Continue reading She won’t be quiet, good 4 her



Huffington Post Women's March Organizers Are Planning A 'Day Without A Woman'Huffington PostOn Monday morning, the Women's March announced on Instagram that there will be a “general strike.” The Instagram post is simple and gives little to no information, reading: “General strike: A day without a woman. Date To Be Announced.” The caption …The Women's […] … Continue reading strike!

Ninth Circuit Briefing Completed Today For Ruling On Trump Appeal


200px-US-CourtOfAppeals-9thCircuit-Seal.svgdepartment-of-justice-logo1 The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit will have a completed record for its review of the lower court’s stay of the Trump immigration executive order this afternoon. While much has been made of the court declined to issue an immediate stay of the lower court under the earlier emergency motion, the decision was very predictable. The Court instead ordered for an expedited response from the states of Washington and Minnesota. That argument is complete today. What remains is a relatively rare procedural process in seeking to review a temporary restraining order (TRO) before the issuance of a written opinion, let alone a permanent injunction.

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Good Witches Homestead

History has been most unkind to these souls who try to help and heal. They flow with the energy of the earth and draw from it great energy and power. They have been called Pagan and Wiccan. To be a witch is to blend with nature and use that power and energy to benefit and heal those who seek their help. Often the power comes as a surprise to those who have the gift. Many feel that they are different and seek help. The energy is unusual and unless one is able to understand and balance it, often the individual can spiral out of control. The intent of the power is healing, and the spirit of the individual who has the power must be pure. If not … good cannot be accomplished and often there is created a knot in the universe that must be undone in a lifetime yet…

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Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – a response to Dale re: prayer and free will

Club Schadenfreude

021-you-burnt-us-at-the-stake-650x402(10/20/2016 – I’ve had a lot of Christians follow recently and like this post, as well as other posts about how religion fails.  Not sure why this is, but I’m more than happy to see people approve and agree with my posts.)

I’ve encountered a new Christian apologist on a friend’s website.  I’ll first put up his post and give a little background.  Ark has asked Christians to explain a couple of things in their religion.  SailorDale has said he would do so, with some caveats.  I’m not sure if he will answer or not (and I’m assuming he is a he.)   We went off topic a little and I thought I’d post here to not take up time and space on another’s blog.  Now, for my readers who have been around for a while, this is more making of the pate de cheval and yep, you’ve see the discussion…

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God Is My Co-Defendant: Criminal Defense in Florida Proves To Be Less Than Divine


imgresJohn Haskew of Lakeland, Florida presented a novel defense to his charge of diverting $7 billion from a bank. Haskew told the court that he was justified in making the transfer because “Jesus Christ created wealth for everyone.”  He has now given up the ghost of waiting for divine judgment and pleaded guilty.

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At Pacific Standard, Rachel Nuwer reports on the aging homeless population of California and how something seemingly innocuous — like forgetting to renew your driver’s licence on time — can instigate a downward spiral into poverty and homelessness that skyrocketing rent and street-inflicted trauma can extend, sometimes indefinitely. via How A Simple Mistake Can Put You … Continue reading untitled